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Move better.

feel better.

BE better.



Be Stronger Than Your Strongest Excuse.


Dr. Robert "DOC" Pruni


The CrossFit community holds the key to success in fitness for either weight loss or muscle gains – discover this secret that only a few million people in the world know about.​​

CrossFit did not invent fitness.


CrossFit did, however, create a system of improving fitness by addressing 10 fundamental skills that can be harnessed to improve the work capacity and demand  of any sport. 

At CrossFit Lilburn 678, our mission is to transform lives. Not only physically, but MENTALLY as well.


YOU CAN DO THIS! It is never too late.


We've worked with former athletes to working moms to the retired grandfather and have watched them take back their lives. The mentality they adopt at CF678 has helped them grow stronger and better in every aspect of their lives beyond their physical health. 



Living a healthy life extends beyond simply exercising. At CF678 we believe a healthy lifestyle is a combination of taking care of yourself physically and mentally. At CF678 we provide the tools for healthy weight loss and muscle gain through nutritional guidance along with your daily workouts.  

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19.5 Greg High Angle.jpeg

Greg, December 2018

I read about Crossfit and its benefits, particularly for people of my age (58). I started about a year and half ago. I have gotten stronger, quicker and more flexible by doing Crossfit and it has helped improve my tennis game considerably! It has been a great experience, meeting great people and having high quality coaching along the way. I hope to continue Crossfit well in to my 60's and beyond!

19.5 Leigh Thruster.jpeg

Leigh, February 2019

I used to workout at another CrossFit gym. In the few months I have been at CrossFit 678, I've made more progress than I did in 4 years elsewhere.

Maria Murph 1.jpeg

Maria, January 2019

I started CrossFit after a major illness. The Coaches at CF678 guided me step by step to get stronger, healthier, and better than I was before. CrossFit 678 gave me my life back.

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4153 Lawrenceville Hwy Suite 13,

Lilburn, GA 30047

Phone: (678) 671-3539

Email:  DocPruni@NinjaKour.Ninja

Working Days/Hours:

Mon - Fri / 5am open (closed Noon - 3pm) 3 to 7pm 
Sat / 9am - 1pm 
Sun / Closed

Authorized CrossFit Training Center

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