We take our food for granted – for more than 65 years we have taken food for granted – because it is everywhere we go! The industrial revolution changed the way man hunts and gathers food – we no longer do it! We are so sophisticated with the unhealthy, fattening food consumption that we don’t think about what we are eating or how much we consume – we are just hungry, so we drive up to a window and get all the unhealthy food we want.

The industrial revolution (IR) has its own history (look it up) – but why are we talking about it or even remembering this history? To get to your goals – weight loss or muscle gains – all depends on the foods you eat and how much. Because of the IR everything is package and the things that are not – you most likely don’t know how to cook it. The bottom-line we want you to realize is that you need to learn how to eat again – and as you have studied for your career in life or even hobbies – you need to learn how eat the right foods, how to prepare it and what to buy to make it.

An education in proper food consumption and preparation should be an investment that you should do now, so that it will last you a lifetime. You have to eat everyday – proper food knowledge can help you lose weight, gain muscle and prevent illnesses – even prolong or eliminate your chances of getting certain types of cancers. Develop a plan in educating yourself in food consumption – go get an online course (FlexBuilding) or go take a college course – get a bestselling book – talk to your doctor or nutritionist and get educated now. Don’t wait until you realize all your workout efforts are not getting the solution you want to achieve.

Exercise is king. Nutrition is queen. Put them together and you have a kingdom. - Jack Lalanne



If your goal is to lose weight – you first need to know what your ideal weight goal should be. We can ascertain by a few methods, such as, BMI (Body mass index) and a few others, including testing your current body fat percentage. Now, don’t worry – all this information is confidential and we don’t ask you to take your shirt off to administer any test – our hand held devices do the work for us. At this point, when we understand where you are at now in body weight – we then create a plan to get to where you need to be.

Ideally, knowing where you started from – will definitely help you get to where you want to be. Don’t assume that once you see a six-pack you’ve made it – it’s not that easy. The trip you are going to take with us will seem long – but being encourage by taking pictures of yourself in your own home with every 10 pounds lose will be inspiring to you in the long run – especially when you feel you are not making any head-way. Keep us informed of your weight loss and if you are in a plateau – so we can adjust the nutritional program and get you back on track to your goal.




If your goal is to gain muscle mass – you need to know that CrossFit is not a “bodybuilding” program that targets specific body parts for aesthetics. With that said, don’t be confused by this – because you will be gaining muscle mass in all the right places with the added BONUS of incredible stamina. If your goal is to look like a SPARTAN WARRIOR – then CrossFit Lilburn 678 is the right place for you. Let us create a food plan that helps you build muscle and reduce fat – just let us know your goals.

We suggest taking images of what you look like before you start our program – so that you can see your progress. If your goal is muscle gains the best way to track is visually and by your strength gains – for example, you bench press 200pds max – then in 3 months on our program you can bench press 250pds max. That is a great improvement – so track your progress with pictures and download a WOD/CrossFit app to track your gains.



Grocery Shopping

At CF678, our staff includes specialists in sports nutrition, weightloss, and muscle building. In partnership with Dr. Pruni's patented FLEXBUILDING program, we are able to offer one-on-one consultation and guidance on eating right for your body type and your goals.  

The FLEXBUILDING program not only provides an education about how nutrients work in our bodies, but a collection of over 100 recipes created, tasted, and enjoyed by Dr. Pruni and many athletes around the country. 

As part of your CrossFit journey, nutritional coaching is included to help encompass a full healthy lifestyle. 

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